Plant Helper Helps Plants Grow

Helping Plants Grow

Since the late 1990s, Plant Helper, a unique biological control product, has been strengthening plant resistance and health in agricultural crops, ornamentals, golf courses, and lawns. Over this time, Plant Helper has promoted plant growth by strengthening the natural resilience and immune system of plants. Plant Helper covers a broad spectrum of plant diseases and growing conditions faced by farmers, nurseries, and individual growers.

Our Products

Plant Helper Promotes Plant Growth

Helps plants grow faster and stronger, and mature earlier

Increases overall yield

Plant Helper Strengthens the Natural Resilience and Immune System of Plants

Suppresses pathogens and diseases

Promotes development of root systems

Assists plant uptake of nutrients

Enhances plants' resistance

Plant Helper Covers a Broad Spectrum of Plant Diseases and Growing Conditions

Is organic and non-toxic

Is a unique cold tolerant strain of a biological control agent

Performs at temperatures from 39°F to 91°F

Other Key Benefits of Plant Helper

Improves seed germination

Accelerates nutrient cycling

Helps plants use nutrients more efficiently

Reduces rate of fertilizer application

Increases organic matters in the soil

Conditions and increases aeration of soils

Works well with many chemical fungicides

While Plant Helper helps plants thrive in a broad range of temperatures, it is especially beneficial in colder temperatures where plant pathogens grow and plants are at great risk of disease.

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